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Naat Audios

Naat Audio website contains thousands of Hamd, Naats, Sufi Kalams, Duas, Lectures in MP# format. You can listen online, mark favourite, download mp3 and much more. Naat is an Arabic word which means praise and admiration. In other words Naat is an Islamic poetry that particularly said in praise and honor to Last Prophet Muhammad Mustufa P.B.U.H.

Naat Videos

As per users feedback we have created Videos section in Naat Audio website. At the moment Videos from YouTube can only be added. Users can create account and share their own or favourite videos from YouTube on this website.Naat is often called Naat-e-Mustufa, Naat Shareef and Naat-e-Pak etc. People who recite Naats are called Naat-Khawan. Naats are very popular in Islamic world.