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Hooria Faheem Qadri

Also known as: Hooria Faheem . 44 Audios . 131,892 Profile Views

Hooria Faheem is one of the young emerging Naat Khawans of Pakistan. Hooria Faheem also known as Huriya Faheem Qadri belongs to karachi, Pakistan. Hooria Faheem is female Pakistani Naat Khawan, who have appeared in various islamic channels and events, especially on Qtv Pakistan Television. Listed below are some of Hooria Naats more will be uploaded soon.


Hooria Faheem Audios List

Biography - Hooria Faheem

Hooria Faheem Qadri is one of the young emerging Sana Khawan of Pakistan. Hooria Faheem is also known as Huriya Fahoom Qadri. She got the fame from QTv and then her career in the Sana Khawani started .

Hooria has started Sana Khawani form her school’s annual function when she was only 5. In her family, her sister also recites Naats. She idealizes Ala Hazrat Ahmad Raza Berelvi. She said in an interview that she always try to add the KALAAM of ala Hazrat Ahmad Raza Berelvi in her Naats. Hooria Faheem Qadri has more than 15 albums released and more are in progress.

Hooria Faheem is married to Faheem ud Din Nizami and she told in interview that after marriage, her in Laws were always supportive, and her husband supported every time. She has 1 son and 1 daughter, named Muhammad Hussain Nizami and Ayesha Fatima.

Hooria Faheem Qadri has Millions of fan following around the globe. She encourages the females around the globe to recite Naats. She has visited to many countries for her shows, especially to UK.

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    Photo Gallery - Hooria Faheem

    Huriya Faheem at QTV

    Huriya Faheem at QTV