Latest Masnoon Duain with Urdu and English Translation

Dua means "call to Allah" for help and his mercy when we need it. We need Allah every time. Dua is very important part of every Muslim's life. It is great reward from Almighty Allah to his creation. Masnoon duain are about special Prayers, Duas and Wazaif from Quran and Hadith related to daily life. We recite masnoon dua for every single purpose i.e dua for entering and leaving Masjid, dua before and after eating, dua before and after sleeping, dua for sighting new moon, dua for sehri and iftar, dua for travelling, dua for dressing and so on.

Masnoon Dua are to be blessing for Muslims. One can learn and recite daily Masnoon Dua to make sure the shower of Allah Almightys blessings on them.

Naataudio have large collection of Masnoon Duain in Arabic with Urdu and English Translation. You can listen online Masnoon Duain and download free mp3 duain. JazakAllah

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