Aye Rasool E Ameen

Aye Rasool-E-Ameen Tujh Sa koi Nahi by Zabeeb Masood

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About Aye Rasool E Ameen

Artist: Syed Zabeeb Masood Shah

Aye Rasool-E-Ameen - Khatam-ul-Mursaleen Tujh Sa koi Nahi Tujh Sa koi Nahi Naat sharif recited by Syed Zabib Masood Shah
Syed Zabeeb Masood Shah sb is a legend Sana Khawan. He is student of Alhaaj Syed Manzoor Ul Kounain Shah Sahab. He is PTV award holder also in Radio Pakistan he has got Best Naat khawan Award holder. Allah has gifted Zabeeb Masood with a magical voice he gets emotionally involved while performing a Naat and it creates a deep impact on the listeners as well. To download audio naat click on download button.

Syed Zabeeb Masood Shah

Also known as: Zabeeb Masood

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