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Syed Salman Kounain Shah

Also known as: Salman Konain . 45 Audios . 15,951 Profile Views

Address: B17/2 Hashmi Street, Post Office Road Lala Rukh Colony Wah Cantt Phone: 0514-539901, 0300-9567635
Syed Salman Kounain son of Syed Manzoor Ul Kounain Shah sb is one of the best Naat Khawans in the world. He has proved himself much more than what was expected from him as son of the King of Naat Khawani. He has taken the art of his Father to the next level. Allah G has gifted him with beautiful voice and even amazing personality and vision. We wish him all the best in his life and hereafter.  Listed below are some of Syed Salman Konains Naats..

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Biography - Salman Konain

Syed Salman Kounain  is the son of Crownless king of Naat Khawani Syed Manzoor ul Kounain. Like his father, Syed Salman Kounain is now among the best Naat khawans of the world. He has proved much more than what was expected, as he is the son of the king of naat khawani. He has learned Naat khawani form his father and taken it to a next level. He has a very Beautiful and melodious voice, with amazing vision and devotion to the career. Syed Salman Kounain has huge numbers of fans in Pakistan as well as in the world.


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