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Peer Syed Naseer Uddin Shah Gilani was a great Religious Scholar, Sufi Muslim, Spiritual Leader, True Ashiq-e-Rasool (S.A.W.W) and famous Pakistani Poet. He has written many books on different subjects of Islam. His whole life has been marked with knowledge, wisdom, Sharia, Tasawuf and continuous hard work. Syed Naseer uddin Shah was the ‘Sajjad-a-Nasheen’ of religious family of Tajdar-e-Golra Sharif.

Below is the list of Some famous and unique kalam of Peer Naseer uddin Shah Sahab.



Hazrat Peer Syed Naseer Uddin Naseer Shah was born on 14 November 1949, 22nd Moharram 1369 hijri in Golra Shareef. He was grandson of Qibla Alam Mujadid e deen o Milat, Fatih e Qadiyaan, Peer Syed Mehr Ali Shah Sahab Gilani. Peer Shab has two brothers “Ghulam Jalal uddin” and “Ghulam Hussam uddin.

Child hood and Education

From child hood he gave importance in search of knowledge and researching hence he spent his whole life studying, teaching and researching all the different subjects of Islam. Peer Sahab got his elementary education and received his Islamic education from famous scholars. He was student of Mufti Faiz Ahmed Faiz Sahab. Peer Sahab was very potent speaker, courageous writer and highly acclaimed poet.


Peer Sahab was blessed with spiritual beauty as well as physical beauty. He was a truly a handsome person with great personality and character. Through this combination of physical beauty and spiritual greatness everyone was drawn towards him and they benefited from his illustrious and distinguished life. Apart from his physical beauty, people were attracted to him due to his inner beauty.

Love Towards Islam

Allah Almighty had blessed him with enormous qualities and attributes through which he served the cause of Islam. He was a great narrator. He was a great Sufi who practiced Sharia and Tasawuf hand in hand. He constantly urged the Muslims to be practical with Islam.


Peer Sahab has written more than 40 books on several topics of Islam, Quran and Holy Prophet. He has also delivered many lectures throughout the world. Through his love for knowledge, his intelligence, oratory and writings he established himself in the scholarly circles very quickly. He used the power of speech to guide the people to the path of Islam and to convey the teachings of Islam to them.

Some of his famous books are Faiz-e-Nisbat, Arsh-e-Naaz, Rah-o-Rasm-e-Manzil Hai, Peman-e-Shan, Rang-e-Nizam, Mataa-e-Zeest, Imam Abu Hanifa R.A, Punjabi Kalam and so on.

Peer Sahab was also the Chief Editor of the monthly Tuloo-e-Mehr magazine. He was also an active leader of Tehreek-e- Khatam-e-Nabuwat and always emphasized the need for Muslim unity and harmony among different sects. He also made active contribution for enforcement of Sharia, propagation of Islam and elimination of terrorism.


Peer Sahab died on 13 February 2009 at the age of 58. He suffered a massive heart attack. Renowned Allama Syed Pir Naseeruddin Naseer Gilani was laid to rest on February 14 at his family graveyard at Golra Sharif on Saturday along with tears and prayers of thousands of his followers and devotees.

May his Soul Rest in Peace. Ameen


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