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Qari Zubaid Rasool (Late) - Naat Khawan

Also known as: Zubaid Rasool . 10 Naat Audios . 24,658 Profile Views

Qari Zubaid Rasool had a very heart touching voice and humble personality. His Naats take the listeners into the world of pure emotions. Qari Zubaid Rasool Naats are a precious part of Naat History in Pakistan. Paiker e Dil Ruba Ban K Aya is one of the famous naat by Zubaid Rasool. Qari Zubaid Rasool died in a road accident, while traveling for a Naat Program in early 90s. Listed below are some of Qari Zubaid Rasool's Naat more will be uploaded soon. In shaa Allah.
May Allah G forgive his sins and grant him highest level in Jannah. Amen.

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